Valparaíso, Chile, April 25 – May 17, 2013

Social Activity – Junto al Barrio

We were working hard on our recommended actions and final presentation this week. The schedule has slightly changed. so we are going to have our final presentation already on Wednesday. The minister of transportation of Chile himself will participate as well. So our project got a lot of attention. There are 4 days to go (inlcuding the weekend)…



Yesterday we took a break during the afternoon and went to a certain “barrio” uphill Valparaíso. It was one of the most poor neighbourhoods and we met a foundation called “Junto al Barrio”. This foundation takes care about the most poor neighbourhoods and helps to beautify the areas with some small projects. So we donated the material to build a small planter on three levels, with a small bench at the top to enjoy the view to the ocean, and: 6 times 3 hours work; so real hands-on.

Introduction to the foundation and the neighbours

Introduction to the foundation and the neighbours

I was quite impressed about the foundations work and the motivation of the neighbours. After a quick introduction we got  our overalls and went to work. The supervision was with a young student from Valparaíso (engineering) who splitted the teams into different workgroups and instructed us what to do. work

…at work

Peter and I were responsible to build and construct some stairs as well as one border of one of the planters. Other teams were preparing grounds, painting, building the bench and cleaning up the area…. After 3 hours we were done. Was a hard job, but we had a lot of fun with wonderful neighbours.

At the end they kindly invited us to give them a visit, whenever we would be in the area again. So who knows; I may even do it one day, and see what happened to our planter.



#smartercities challenge


3 responses to “Social Activity – Junto al Barrio

  1. Andrea K. May 12, 2013 at 9:37 am

    Hi Ramon, what a great activity. You as team are leaving footprints obviously in more than one sense. Enjoy the final phase!

  2. Edmund Bott May 12, 2013 at 5:57 pm

    Some impressions from Valparaiso we have now seen on TV. Am looking forward to your reports and pictures.

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